Happy 150th Canada 🍁


Happy Birthday Canada #150

Hi folks!

Well it has been a very busy time for both Maegan & I lately as we return to work after being off for a year; more so for Maegan with the kiddies to contend with of course! We both feel confident though, that Linking Lives is now well established and will continue to grow while improving our city THANKS TO ALL OF YOU ❤ I want to assure everyone that despite new time constraints, we are as committed to creating a kinder, more inclusive, more equitable community today as we were when we began this journey of the heart. However it is fair to say the past two months have been a bit of a struggle and we are still making adjustments in order to provide the same level of community engagement. Two of our best & brightest (Coleen Matheson & Alexandra Curtis) have agreed to help with client meetings moving forward in order to reduce wait times for new intakes and we are currently looking for a few people that can do some drop-offs/pick-ups through the week which will ensure our families have their needs met in a timely fashion as well! If this is something you can help out with please contact us. You may also have noticed our social media presence has been reduced recently but not to worry, as we assume new routines and assign new roles that too will resume its’ normal frantic, often daily pace! Thank YOU for your patience, your continued support, your commitment to your community and for your BIG BEAUTIFUL HEARTS!


Happy 150th Canada

Wowsers!!! 2017 will mark our 150th year as a nation and we, at Linking Lives Inc. think that is worth celebrating. Especially since we live in the BEST country in the world! No really just think about it for a moment; as Canadians we are the first to apologize, the last to quit, the quickest to lend a hand and the slowest to judge! We value our environment, our children, our diversity and EACH OTHER. Canadians are warm and welcoming by nature because we live our lives with open hearts AND open minds. So in light of our collective greatest we wanted to do something special in honor of this milestone in Canadian history!

Here’s what we came up with:

We are asking YOU ALL to join us in celebrating Canada’s 150th through creating a kinder community in 2017 by pledging to perform 150 Acts of Community Kindness! This can be done individually, as a group/family, with your sports team or you could even make it into a friendly challenge between co-workers and classmates. Acts of kindness can be as simple or elaborate as you like; you can stick to the tried and tested or be as unique as your imagination allows in coming up with 150 different kindnesses. On the blog home page you will find new links in headings to “150 Acts of Community of Community Kindness” which contains general information and a link to 150 kindness suggestions along with “150 Pledge Form” where you can officially register, find printable forms as well as the link to the Facebook group for sharing your kindnesses! Here are the two links: https://linkinglivesblog.wordpress.com/150-acts-of-community-kindness/ and https://linkinglivesblog.wordpress.com/150-pledge-form/

Throughout the year we will update you on numbers participating and types of acts being performed, then at year end we will host a reception for those who have officially registered and completed their 150 Acts of Community Kindness! There will be music, laughter, and some great surprises… You won’t want to miss out on this event!! Honestly, this is an effort EVERYONE, young/old, rich/poor, man/woman/child can participate in folks because holding a door for someone is free, complimenting a stranger requires no qualifications and sharing a smile has no age limits!

If Fredericton is to be known for something let it be our kind hearts, and generous natures. ❤


“Kindness is a gift EVERYONE can afford to give”-Anonymous

To donate to Linking Lives or to learn more about how YOU can get involved please contact us at linkinglives1by1@gmail.com

Thank~You 🙂



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