Broken but beautiful.


This afternoon, with my chubby sweet faced baby, I walked into a local coffee shop (10 minutes late of course) to spend time getting to know a lovely middle aged woman. The two words that first come to mind when I think of her now: Warm. Genuine.

So we sat and we chatted about health issues using nursing terms we could both understand. It kind of mirrored many discussions I have in my everyday life as a member of the healthcare system. There was something that stood out about this woman though. She brought with her, to the coffee shop, an air of defeat. I could feel it. She told me her story through held back tears and apologized for asking for help and, actually, for needing it in the first place. Many people we encounter will do this. They will tell us how sorry they are for needing help. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions here (or as my husband would say “reading into things too much”).. but that single statement leaves me with a pit in my stomach and feelings of tremendous sadness and let me tell you why: It’s as though they feel so very undeserving of the help they’re seeking. But here is the thing.. they’re ALWAYS deserving.

And this particular lady?


She, like many, prefers not to be identified. I promise, though, that if you met her you would immediately enjoy her company. She’s one of those people. Honest. Friendly. Likeable.

Without sharing too much… I will summarize that she is struggling due to circumstances ridiculously beyond her control! She was an employed, hard-working woman when her body betrayed her and rendered her unable to work (at this time) due to pain, medications, and multiple medical appointments each week. She, as a result, is left financially (and emotionally) strained. Defeated!

And… potentially homeless if she is unable to come up with her rent money.

We can’t let that happen.

The good news is…. I happen to know a group of generous and compassionate people in our community who are always willing to support someone courageous enough to reach out for help. She is hopeful that she will soon return to work… but at this time she so badly needs us! PLEASE be a part of showing this broken but beautiful person that she is valued and we are here for her.

To donate to this cause specifically please etransfer to and identify her as the recipient of your generosity in the subject line.

I have other ideas, too!! Contact me for other suggestions from me how we can lift her up!

And, as always, that you for continuing to be there for one another!



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