My Mother’s Hands…love in action!


It is early Sunday morning and I am still basking in the afterglow of our first big, successful, fundraising  event yesterday, with coffee in hand while listening to the rain falling & my dog snoring; I have to tell you…my heart is pretty full!

I am waiting for my Mother’s Sunday morning church bells to chime; which I do every Sunday and for those few moments I am with her again. I have her hands, and while I resemble her in many other ways I have always loved most, that I had her hands. With those two hands, she held us all up. She was Irish, quite superstitious and always spouting some gibberish about things like not wearing white after Labor Day or throwing salt over her shoulder to avoid bad luck; apparently applicable in a variety of circumstances! But amidst those quirks and cliches, there were lessons to be learned, there were kernels of wisdom, acts of compassion, and lots of love. For example, she never let us forget that we had two hands for a reason; one to help ourselves and one to help others!

Every time I extend my hand to a loved one, neighbor, or friend in need I feel her hands guiding mine and I felt that same kind of love so strongly yesterday at the event with each hug, word of encouragement, cookie bought and act of kindness performed ❤

That is one of the real benefits of being a part of this organization friends; we get to see the very best of our community & it is truly inspiring.

Love in action is a beautiful thing!

Speaking of love in action….our Mani/Pedi fundraiser on Saturday raised over $700.00 in 4 short hours; which is INCREDIBLE! More importantly, we linked a sweet young Mom to a new support network, we made new friends, acquired new volunteers who will, in turn, make other valuable links AND we had fun.

Honestly this, for the most part, has been our experience since day one.

We are currently working with 24 families/individuals on an ongoing basis and have met many other “one of” requests because we ask and you all so generously give!

We asked for furniture and you gave us furniture; children now have beds to sleep in, families have tables to eat dinner together at and new babes are safely tucked into to their cribs each night BECAUSE you cared.

We asked for help to ensure families have enough food in their cupboards and you e-transferred us money, purchased grocery cards and in some cases personally delivered those groceries; you SHOWED others that you care!

We have distributed over $1635.00 in grocery cards alone since June, which does not include the diapers or formula we also collected and supplied to several families.

We asked for twenty people to donate $10.00 each to keep the lights on for a struggling family; we reached our goal within 12 hours of posting the request. You cared.

We asked for qualified respite care for a single mom of two, whose youngest child is Autistic and because people care we were able to arrange that within a week of receiving the request. In fact, I again posted another request last night seeking respite care and had two offers within a few hours!

We asked for volunteers for the Harvest Jazz as they provide honorariums to participating non-profit organizations and within two days we had enough people to cover four nights with 8-12 people per night; we have over 40 caring people volunteering at this event!

We asked for support to help get some great kids ready for back to school and have garnered support both from individuals as well as corporate offices who care & believe as strongly as we do that all children deserve the best we can offer them.

We asked for assistance to provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, mow lawns, and find some exercise equipment for a Mom not able to afford childcare AND the gym; because you cared we were able to meet each need.

We Ask…We Ask…and (yep you guessed it)… We Ask!

But every time we do people step forward and YOU provide all of those things and so much more.


You ease burdens, restore faith, and empower others.

That is what will CHANGE lives. That is how we build a stronger, healthier more equitable community.

One Link at A Time. Maria

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” -Margaret Mead

For more information on how you can get involved, please check us out at-

You can email us at-

Donations accepted via e-transfer or at our GoFundMe-



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