Poverty is you and me and all of the people that we love.


Since the day we launched this organization we have worked tirelessly to meet a vast majority of needs in our community. We have lost sleep, shed tears, and driven countless kilometers to try to alleviate burdens and heal the spirits of the wounded. There are days, I’ll admit, that I feel overwhelmed. Days when I feel like the needs are so great and we are so very small. And THEN… we have a defining moment in the life of our organization and all of that self-doubt dissipates. We recently had one of those moments. It was timely. It was real. It was confirmation that we continue to move in the right direction.

From the moment Linking Lives Inc. became a thought we declared that what would set us apart from existing organizations was our desire and commitment to developing personal connections. Real human relationships. This declaration, of course, is where “Linking Lives” got its name. Our dream is and always has been to bring together (or LINK) those in need with those who are in a position to help. To, ultimately, unite our community through a collective effort to eliminate poverty and enhance overall quality of life!! Following a very special interaction between a Mama in need of supports and a Mama whose circumstances allowed her to help, I came to the moving realization that these connections are beginning to form!!

I reached out on behalf of a client looking for groceries to feed her little family (the simplicity of requests we receive still surprises me). Immediately my request was met by an amazing young woman who I am so lucky to call a friend. She wanted to help—and to say she was successful in doing so is an understatement. We typically facilitate pick ups/drop offs simply in an effort to make it easier to give! However… on this particular day I was unavailable and my sweet friend offered to drop things off herself.  And that’s what she did! She was very generous and dropped off MORE than enough to feed them.. but she really did so much more than that! She stepped into that woman’s home, into her shoes and into her world! She listened to her story. She met her child. She cried with her and felt her gratitude first hand.

Two Mama’s stood and cried together. They bonded over their mutual love for their children, their desire to provide for them and a full refrigerator.

And this alone symbolizes EVERYTHING we’re trying to do with this organization. As that interaction came to an end phone numbers were exchanged and a relationship was formed. The client was urged by her new friend and support system not to ever go hungry and to reach out in her time of need. Someone who has felt alone in her struggles was now given a hand to hold and someone to turn to. There are no words for that.

I believe, strongly, that two lives were changed that day. Not only that, I believe that we could also do the same for many others. If YOU would like a glimpse into the life of people who can find no hope for a better future, who feel that the world has turned its back on them… then we can make that happen for you as well!

You see, here’s the thing. Poverty comes in many shapes and sizes. It is not only poor choices and addiction. It is not always (and rarely ever is) laziness or a lack of ambition. It is a car accident that shatters your world and robs you of your child. It is a husband who walks out without notice taking half of everything and no longer cares that you are living in an unfurnished apartment and going hungry. It is a woman who flees domestic abuse and sacrifices her quality of life so her children no longer have to live in fear. Poverty is you and me and all of the people that we love. We’re all a set of unfortunate circumstances away from walking that road… and all we can hope for is that, in the event that poverty creeps into our lives, someone with a kind heart and the ability to help would come along and wrap their arms around us.

Just under a year ago my husband came unsettlingly close to losing his life to a motorcycle accident. As a result we both were unable to work. He needed to heal in hospital for weeks on end and I needed to be present for my family. We were devastated. I was torn between being with my husband and being with my children.  We came uncomfortably close to falling behind on bills. We worried and stressed over making mortgage payments and we had nothing to fall back on. Do you know what saved us?? A group of incredible, giving people came together to watch our children, make us meals, offer kind words and provide us with a substantial amount of money to compensate for our lack of income. Our bills were paid, our children were cared for and our bellies and hearts were so full. We were indescribably fortunate to have loving friends and a support system that so many lack.

PLEASE consider being that support system for someone who needs you. We can facilitate that. We want to close the gaps in our community that have been created by nothing more than income. I urge you to reach out. To be open to the transformations that can take place within you when you experience the pain and struggle of those around us. I believe to eliminate poverty and become a more equitable and giving community we need to see and feel the realness of the issues people are facing as a result of “being poor”.

I hope you GET INVOLVED. Not only do we want you to contribute by making donations but we would also love to see some of you (Or all of you! Why not??) meet and hear the stories of the people whose lives you are having a tremendous impact on. A grocery card is a grocery card… but a genuine connection or friendship and words of encouragement to go with it?? That is the perfect recipe!!


“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other”. –George Elliot

https://www.gofundme.com/linkinglivesinc Click to donate!

We can also accept etransfers to linkinglives1by1@gmail.com

**Please contact us to find out how you can get involved**



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