That awkward moment when you only raise $100 in a week.


Let us rewind back to the week of our organization launching to the public. First off—holy paperwork overload. Just the act of incorporating the business alone was a task. Between all of the legal jargon, name searches (which we might have ended up paying for twice.. no judgement please), and standing around in lines waiting to be served it turned out to be quite the commitment. Throw into that the mixture of excitement and nerves about how our vision for change would be received by all of you and you get the strangest combination. Basically resulting in a couple of manic, eager, hot messes! Now bring us right up to the day that we publicized this crazy idea that we are completely willing to pour our heart and souls into. Ok picture this—three grown women sitting around a table reading and re-reading every word we included into our social media pages. One who looks fabulous as always (Robyn), one who can’t stop power drinking monsters (Maria), and one who is likely un-showered and smells like baby vomit(Maegan). A few last minute adjustments and conversations about where we want to take this organization and that was it. Go time. A few clicks of a button and it was out there to the world! Following that was a few hours of pacing back and forth, some celebratory cake and dancing (although my husband forgot the cake on his way home and had to go back for it…. Not that I’m holding that against him or anything), and a pep talk about how we won’t allow a poor reception to deter us! Thankfully that turned out not to be an issue!

We were elated with the response we received. The encouraging messages from friends and family, the “Likes” on our fb page (yes this matters!)… the individuals willing to jump on board with us on this journey. We were overwhelmed by the support from all of you. We feel that we have formed an army of good-hearted, giving, selfless people who will aid us in our efforts to grow this organization and, ultimately, change so many lives.

The plan moving forward? First off- raise some money! I know, I know. No one likes to talk this talk but we DID promise to be completely honest throughout all of this. We have worked tirelessly to reach out to the community for financial support—because we know we will be limited in our efforts to help without it. Myself, I always just assume people are going to say “sure here’s a cheque! Go save the world!”. Perhaps it’s a bit of a downfall of mine, which leads to a little disappointment at times. THUS FAR—it hasn’t happened and those cheques(or even $5 bills!) haven’t come our way. BUT it HAS only been a week and I remain optimistic that, as we tackle issues in the community and bring forth the individuals who need our assistance, the generosity will start to pour in! At least I hope so.

Over-all (with the exception of raising thousands of dollars…haha!) I would say that the launch of this organization went as smoothly and positively as we could have hoped! We feel confident that a full day of nervous bladders and excessive perspiration will be worth it in the long run (and equally as confident that chances are good we’ll have many more days just like it!). We’re certain that the future for Linking Lives Inc. is very bright and are eager and excited to push forward with our dream of connecting with and assisting those plagued by poverty.

*If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough – unknown



SIDE NOTE: If you WOULD like to contribute visit-


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